REVIEW: Arrested Development Season 5

*****EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is narrated. Any line’s in The Narrator’s Voice are displayed in royal, “Howard Red.” ******


Sometimes to truly demonstrate patriotism, you need to speak out against the country you love. So is the case with myself and Arrested Development’s latest incarnation. Seasons 1-3 were a huge part of my formative years; I didn’t see this sense of humor on other sitcoms… comedy which relied on puns, wordplay, and absurdity as the delivery system for satire that skewered white privilege and classism. Arrested Development broke ground in both its Fox and Netflix incarnations: the original for pushing the boundaries of a traditional structure and then years later establishing a storytelling style on a new medium. No matter how divisive AD has been, the innovation is indisputable with a complex, self-referential narrative told through frantic, cut-heavy editing. In Season 5, these virtues turn to crutches.

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