REVIEW: Sam France (Foxygen)/ Fascist Records Live Debut


Foxygen’s press release for their upcoming album alludes to the band “living every rock cliche in a year.” The scope of this statement is too small: they’ve been a rock n roll cliche from day one,  driven by the charisma and instability of their frontman, Sam France. Foxygen has checked off all the career highlight boxes of the legends they pay homage to (and occasionally transcend). The only ground left to cover is going solo…

On February 19 at the Bootleg Theater, Sam France took that next step by unveiling his record label, Fascist Records to the world in a complete breakdown involving self-mutilation, rants and incredible new music. If this was performance art or a public cry for help remains unclear. Regardless, Sam France and Fascist Records’ debut felt dangerous and unforgettable. Continue reading “REVIEW: Sam France (Foxygen)/ Fascist Records Live Debut”